smooth1 [ smuð ] adjective **
▸ 1 even
▸ 2 well controlled
▸ 3 drink: not bitter
▸ 4 without problems
▸ 5 relaxed/confident
1. ) completely even with no rough areas or lumps:
A baby's skin is as smooth as silk.
─ opposite ROUGH
2. ) a smooth ride in a vehicle does not shake or frighten you:
a smooth flight/voyage/ride
a ) a smooth movement is easy and well controlled:
With a smooth swing, he hit the ball.
3. ) a smooth drink or flavor is not too strong or bitter, and tastes good:
a smooth whiskey
4. ) causing no difficulty, problems, or delays:
a smooth process/business
We are changing systems, but we expect a smooth transition.
a ) smooth sailing AMERICAN progress of a plan without difficulty or problems
5. ) relaxed and confident in a way that usually persuades people to do things. This word shows that you do not trust people like this:
Steven's a little too smooth if you ask me.
a smooth operator (=someone you cannot trust)
smooth 2 [ smuð ] verb transitive *
1. ) to move your hand across the surface of something until it is flat and even:
smooth down/out: Frances sat smoothing her skirt down over her knees.
smooth back: Seeing her, he quickly smoothed back his hair.
a ) to SAND the surface of something to make it flat and even
2. ) to carefully spread a substance over a surface:
Anne bathed the baby and gently smoothed cream into his skin.
smooth someone's ruffled feathers
to try to make someone who feels offended less angry
smooth the path/way (for)
to remove problems so that something can be achieved easily:
The talks are intended to smooth the way for a settlement.
,smooth `over phrasal verb transitive
to make a problem seem less serious:
He's trying to smooth over differences between the two leaders.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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